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Wednesday, November 23

Lovely Glowing Heart Locket.

We now have lovely retro style Glowing Heart Necklaces as part of our Fairy Glow collection, They are available in black metal, antique silver and antique bronze in our Etsy shop: Catherinette Rings. It is the perfect gift idea if you are looking for a women's pendant to give as a gift. The glowing hearth will amaze everyone.

 Glowing Heart Pendant Glowing Heart

 Glowing Locket

They make a fantastic gift for her on Christmas, Anniversary, Birthday, Valentine's Day and suitable for many special occasions.

 Glowing Heart Locket Jewelry Red Glowing Heart Locket Jewelry


We have many more designs available , you can see them in our Etsy shop : Romantic Gothic Cameos & Fairy Glowing Jewelry

 Glowing Pendant Glowing Locket Glowing Jewelry by CameoandJuliet

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Saturday, November 12

Enchanting Glowing Tree of Life Pendant

Our new Glowing Tree of Life Pendants is part of our Fairy Glow collection and available in a wide variety of shapes in our new Etsy shop: Cameo and Juliet. They make a wonderful gift for her on Christmas, Anniversary, Birthday, Valentine's Day and suitable for many occasions.

Glowing Tree of Life Pendant

The LED enclosed in these enchanting lockets fades on and off slowly to create a bewitching twinkle effect. The LED light is powered by 2 replaceable watch batteries which can be easily purchased at electronic shop or department stores. The orb will glow continuously for up to 48+ hours, you can deactivate the light any time to save the battery life.

 Glowing Tree of Life Glowing Tree of Life

These magical Tree of Life Lockets are available in antique bronze, antique silver or shiny gold in our Etsy shop.You can also choose the color of the orb: purple, blue, red, pink, white, warm white, orange, green, teal or Rainbow.

 Glowing Locket Glowing Locket Glowing Locket

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Friday, November 11

New Steampunk Sculptures

Here's some of my latest Steampunk Sculptures, Two-headed dragon, Spider/cats, King minion and other strange creatures. All Available for sale in my Etsy shop : Follow this link : Steampunk Sculpture


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