Saturday, July 31

Steampunk writing competition : Beholder Robot Short Story Contest

See the Winning Entries here :

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Steampunk writing competition : Beholder Robot Short Story Contest

I am holding a competition to write the back story that will accompany my Steampunk Beholder Robot Descriptions . I am looking for an original and creative tale in the steampunk genre . I'm giving flexibility on how you want to bring the Beholder to life into the story .Use you imagination , The possibilities are endless .

This Sculpture was featured on and was also displayed at the Musuem of the History of science Oxford UK During the Steampunk Exhibition : 'Contraptions + Devices Extraordinaire' .

Sculpture Inspiration :
When i made this creature i was inspired by the Dungeon and Dragon's Beholder which is described as being a very intelligent and Evil Tyrant :

There are many differences from the conventional Beholder :
It is part organic and robot .
It has only a central eye and a pair of claws .
It moves around using a magnetic well .
It has a raygun on one arm : The Wikipedia description of raygun suggest different kind of powers :
It has an arm with a triple saw .
The upper Arm has a mysterious glowing orb that can produce a yellow light when activated .

Contest Details :
The story has to be within the Steampunk Genre :

Minimum word count : 500 words
Maximum word count : 2000 words.
Closes : 15 July 2010

Prizes :
First Place : 200$ of my steampunk Jewelry
Second Place : 100$ of my steampunk Jewelry
Third Place : 50$ of my steampunk Jewelry

The winning story will be used to promote the Beholder Sculpture .
It will be seen on :

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Leave a comment here and get a chance to win a 14 x 20 inch poster of the Beholder Robot .

If you have any questions just leave a comment here ,
For your finished entry please email them here :

Have fun and start writing!
Daniel Proulx

Q&A :

Q: Would you have us refer to the being in the story as 'Beholder' Or might we call it whatever we please (such as a name or otherwise)? I ask only to know whether the term is important to you or the sculpture's appearances.

A : It doesn't have to be called the beholder . I call it a beholder because of it's appearance in a modern world . In a steampunk world it could have a different name or none . The sculpture appearance is important to me .

Q : Do you have a relative size for the robot that we should stick to?

A : There is no size limit to how big you can imagine the creature to be.
I always imagined the creature to be about 2 times larger than a human .
Here's one of my favorite beholder illustrations :

Q : Is there a set origin of the Beholder?

A : The Beholder doesn't have a set origin , the writers have the freedom to develop their own twist. I had too many ideas for it's origin but i never can make my mind . I'm looking forward to see different versions .

Friday, July 16

My Steampunk jewelry on TV : Warehouse 13

YEAH !!!!

This is the first time my Jewelry has ever been on TV .
A few month ago the costume designer for warehouse 13 contacted me to purchase many of my items . I knew that something i made would be on the show but i didn't know what piece or which character would be wearing my Jewelry !

What better Character than Claudia with her Cool style !
I realized she was wearing it when i watched the video blog she made : Do It With Style! - Warehouse 13 : Allison Scagliotti's Video Blog :

I'm so happy i had to share the news with everyone !

SERAPHINITE a.k.a Clinoclore :

Seraphinite (or Serefina), also known by the name Clinochlore, is a common member of the Chlorite Group of minerals. Clinochlore derives its name from the Greek "klino" meaning "oblique" or "inclined" and "chloros" meaning "green" as it is commonly colored deep forest green to green-black with inclusions of silvery Mica. Seraphinite, is derived from the Latin word "seraphin" referring to the first order of angels. The allusion to angels is due to the feathery wing patterns made by the silvery Mica contained within the stone. The Mica inclusions exhibit a chatoyancy and giving Seraphinite a wavery sheen.

For the methapysically inclined :

Often referred to as "an angel stone" due to its feathery look and strong Air to Earth qualities, Seraphinite is said to help facilitate contact and communication with the angels of the highest level.

Thursday, July 8

New Steampunk Jewelry - 8 July 2010

Here a few new Steampunk Jewelry pieces and Sculptures .

Steampunk Dragonfly Robot Sculpture - Copper Brass and Watch movement - OOAK

This Dragonfly Sculpture is made with copper wire , brass and an oval shape vintage lady watch movement . In plan to make another winged sculpture and i will use cellophane to cover the surface of the wings .

Steampunk - Necklace and Sculpture - SPIDER - Brass wire with vintage watch parts - OOAK

This spider sculpture necklace is wire-wrapped with brass and copper . I also used a vintage pocket watch movement for the body .

Steampunk Jewelry - Tie Tack Pin - OOAK - Elgin 559 U-S-A 21 jewels Watch Movement and clock parts

Steampunk Jewelry - Tie Tack Pin - OOAK - Waltham watch co Seventeen 17 jewels Watch Movement and clock parts

Steampunk Jewelry - RING - Cosplay ring with Clock Part inlayed in MYSTERIOUS Amber and sapphire watch crown- RELIC OOAK - 9.5 ONLY

Steampunk Bracelet - Czech Glass DRAGONFLY Art Nouveau RUBY Blue Buttons - Limited availability

Steampunk Jewelry - Asymmetrical Necklace - Amber and brass watch movement