Friday, April 1

Catherinette Rings 3rd Anniversary

This month Catherinette Rings is celebrating it's 3rd Anniversary .

First let's start with a little bit for History :

Here's how it all started
, 3 years ago , Catherine took a 2 hours jewelry making lesson at home with a few friends .During the lesson she learned how to make basic wire rings . The rings she made were very colorful , she also has a good eye for matching colors and making designs since she is a professional graphic designer in the fashion industry . After she made the rings , she received many compliments and many people wanted to buy the rings she made . By nature i always had a good sense for business ,
so I encouraged her to buy some materials , offered to take the pictures and try to sell them on a site i heard about , ETSY . That's when Catherinette Rings was created .

This is the first ring we sold on ETSY on April 19 ,
only 7 days after opening our ETSY shop.

After seeing that we had some results , i decided to give it a try and made a few rings. Here's the first one i made and sold on ETSY :

First ring of mine sold on April 22nd 2008

A few days later , i invented a new style , i called it the Kubix .I sold tons of them in the first year and they were often featured on the Etsy frontpage . During this period i decided to quit my job and work full-time on this project .

First kubix sold on May 7Th 2008

After showing the rings i made to a friend
He told me what i was doing was somewhat Steampunk . I research the subject and fell in love with this culture . I always liked Steampunk but i didn't know there was a name for it .
After investigating what steampunk was i knew exactly what i wanted to make .

That's when i made my first steampunk ring .

Here's the first one i sold . It was sold within only a few hours after i put it for sale on ETSY .

First steampunk Ring sold on the 2nd of June 2008 :

This is what paved the way to everything that followed :

25 January 2009 - Mention in Fashion Magazine Clind'oeil Article about ETSY
26 February 2009 - Article in the Newspaper Le Voir about Steampunk
May 2009 - Picture of my jewelry in Jean Campbell Steampunk Style Jewelry: Victorian, Fantasy, and Mechanical Necklaces, Bracelets, and Earrings

21 May 2009 - Steampunk D&D Beholder sculpture featured on

Steampunk Sculpture - BEHOLDER ROBOT - Reptile Taxidermy glass eye - RELIC - This piece was displayed at the Museum of the History of Science Oxford UK and - READ THE STORY in the description
24 May 2009 - Steampunk Spider featured in Daily Deviation on Deviant Art
30 May 2009 - Attended Grand Picnic Victorien Montreal
7 June 2009 - LARP - Attended INDUSTRIA 1859 - Montréal
13 June 2009 - Featured in the innovation section of
13 October 2009 - Participation in The first Steampunk Exhibition to be held at a Major Museum ,The Museum of the History of Science Oxford UK
December 2009 - Article in the Ottawa Magazine about Steampunk
14 january 2010 - The Incredible Steampunk Jewelry Photography of Daniel Proulx
2 February 2010 - Steampunk Robot Ring featured in Daily Deviation on Deviant Art

20 February 2010 - Article about Steampunk in Montreal in the Gazette Newspaper
21 February 2010 - Final Day of the Steampunk Exhibition :
Art Donovan Curator of the Exhibition and Jim Bennett Director of the Museum , Member of the Victorian Steampunk Society . Artists present were Ian Crichton, (Herr Doktor-UK), Daniel Proulx, (Canada) and James Richardson Brown (UK)
9-10 March 2010 - Meeting with Lee Ann Farruga and Pat of Steampunk Ottawa .
16 April 2010 - Montreal's Jewelers School
31 July 2010 - Grand Picnic Victorien Montreal
27 to 29 August - Special Guest at FanExpo Canada . Steampunk Meet-and-Greet Soiree at the Royal York Library Bar , participation in the “Steampunk 101” panel and more …
Upcoming Events :

Spring 2011 : Feature in The Art of Steampunk: Extraordinary Devices and Ingenious Contraptions from the Leading Artists of the Steampunk Movement

2011 : Feature in 1,000 Steampunk Creations: Neo-Victorian Fashion, Gear, and Art (1000 Series)

2011 : Canadian National Steampunk Exhibition .

Will also be vending at a few Hot-Air Balloon events .


We will celebrate our 3rd anniversary ,
With Catherine's favorite colors
And Daniel's designs .

Here's the first limited edition ring available on ETSY .

To see more limited edition Rings , follow me on Facebook.
I will post new colorful designs on my facebook fans page as i create them .

Thanks for all your support !