Friday, December 24

Steampunk Jewelry 2010 - 2011

This year has been the most amazing and i have a lot of new items i plan to make in 2011 .

Here's some of the newest addition to my collection :

Steampunk Jewelry - Necklace - Pink Faceted Supreme Quality Diamond Cut Glass Gem Stone Jewel - VICTORIAN

Steampunk Jewelry - Necklace - Vintage Pink Pear Shape Faceted Supreme Quality Diamond Cut Glass Gem Stone Jewel - VICTORIAN

Steampunk Bracelet - Purple Czech Glass Art Deco Dragonfly Button with Amethyst - Limited availability

Steampunk Jewelry - RING - Chrysolite Green Swarovski Crystal

Steampunk Jewelry - RING - Copper with Volcano Swarovski Crystal

Here's some of my Best Sellers from 2010 :

Steampunk Jewelry - RING - Burgundy Swarovski Crystal

Steampunk Jewelry - RING - Light Amethyst Svarovski Crystal

Steampunk Jewelry - RING - Aquamarine Blue Swarovski Crystal

Steampunk Jewelry on Warehouse 13 - RING - SERAPHINITE - Seen on TV: This ring is worn by Allison Scagliotti ( Claudia Donovan ) in Warehouse 13 season 2 .

Steampunk Jewelry - RING - Vitrail Svarovski Crystal : Swarovski doesn't make this shape of Crystals in the Vitrail color anymore , I found those in old vintage boxes that my supplier kept for longer than the computer could record . Fortunately i got a very good quantity to last until 2012 . I also have some vintage bermuda blue .

Steampunk Jewelry - Necklace - Silver Tone Octopus

Steampunk Goth Jewelry - Necklace - Black and Red Rose Cameo - Black Onyx

Steampunk Goth Jewelry - Necklace - White on Hazy Black Skeleton Lolita portrait Cameo

Steampunk Jewelry - Necklace - Rosy Pink Antique Victorian Lady Portrait Cameo and Dark Purple Glass

In 2011 , the Lab Opal rings are going to comeback !!! Stay tuned .