Friday, May 8

2009 New Steampunk Jewelry design

This year CatherinetteRings decided to turn the steam on to a different level and create new original Steampunk Jewelry designs .

First i introduced changes into my steampunk ring designs - A new line : ARTIFACT .
ARTIFACT STEAMED are modified with clock parts and gears . These rings are one of a kind . Upon request i can remake similar one . Due to the complexity of the design i cant reproduce exactly the same ring twice so they will be all unique.


ARTIFACT STEAMED with Clock Parts inlay into Mysterious Amber :
In this ring i drilled by hand tiny holes in amber and inlay minuscule clock gears.
To give you an idea of the dimension : the bead in the center is 8mm and the gears are between 1mm-1.5mm

ARTIFACT STEAMED with Crab fire Agate and clock part .
In this ring i also used Copper & Brass wire .

ARTIFACT STEAMED - Mysterious amber and clock parts .
I spent hours to drill by hand holes in the center loop to add the tiny knobby pieces.

ARTIFACT STEAMED with Clock gears .
On the left i used Tinned copper wire + Gun Metal and on the right Gun metal and Natural copper.

Steampunk Rings

This is my luxury . I really like nicely cut stones and i have found the opportunity to include diamond cut stone into my Steampunk design .


Peridot is the birthstone for August
Weight :1.70 Carat
Size mm : 8x8x4
Luster : Excellent
Treatment : none
Clarity : IF - "Loupe-Clean" or "10X clean" ~100% Clean - Exceptional quality with no inclusion (s) visible using a 10X loupe.

GEM STEAMED - 9 ONLY - Artistic STEAMPUNK wire ring with RED GARNET stone


I also created some bracelet which can be combined with matching rings in my shop.
The new line of one of a kind bracelet : OOAK & RELIC
The RELIC design feature rare or unusual material .

- STEAMPUNK BRACELET with Mysterious Amber BRASS Copper antiqued beads and VINTAGE BUTTON modified with old clock gears.

On the left i used a Etched Baroque Copper Bead and on the right Tinned copper with Labradorite.

RELIC STEAMED - STEAMPUNK BRACELET with BRASS insect Scarab and antiqued beads


The new line of necklace are : OOAK & RELIC

- Steampunk Necklace with BLACK METAL and vintage clock gears

OOAK - Mysterious Amber STEAMPUNK NECKLACE with BRASS and antiqued beads

OOAK RELIC STEAMED - Artistic STEAMPUNK Necklace and pendant with clock parts INLAY in MYSTERIOUS Amber bead

OOAK - STEAMPUNK Necklace with Melissabeads LAMPWORK bead
The Lampwork bead is a creation of .
We will be adding more new pieces of jewelry made with our combined skills . Check out both our shop for more . I made 2 bracelet for her shop and i will also have 2 bracelet in mine.

Left : Boulder Matrix Opal
Center : Multi rutilated quartz
Right : Mysterious Amber

Earrings and Cuff Links

I'm currently working on expanding my collection with Earrings and Cuff Links.
Check back in a few weeks and i will have more surprise .


tina said...

Remarkable work! Have you considered selling your detailed jewelry on

Christina said...

I absolute adore your designs! I clicked over here from EC. Your were my very first dropper on on my new blog! Thank you so much. I am bookmarking you! I am blown away by your designs! Have a great day.

Catherinette Rings said...

Hi Tina ,
Yes , I have an account opened at artfire . I will be adding more jewelry , every week . Next i will introduce some bracelet .

RhiannonSTR said...

Very unique. It reminds me of something I'd see on the movie "Blade Runner,". I love them.

Deb DiSalvo said...

LOVE your rings. Simply fabulous!

memoriesforlifescrapbooks said...

Wow! Great pieces. The necklaces are my fave!

fivemonkiesreview said...

I love your rings! They are gorgeous! I am sureou get offers all the time for blog reviews/giveaways. If you are ever wanting to do one, I'db more than happy to work with you on it!

Anonymous said...

Incredible!! I absolutely love the steampunk rings.
Very impressive!

Mr. New Dilemma said...

Hi! I stop by your site everyday. I love your rings, a little pricey for a poor guy like me, but I would love to one of your rings on stage, something dark (not the color, the feeling) , masculine, and awe inspiring. Any recommendations? And not terribly expensive, you know how broke some musicians are,lol.